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Mango, Shea, Kokum, Coconut and Coco Butters


"Don't just make an entrance, make a statement"


"At ElijahLee, we are well versed at the art of healing, nurturing & looking good while doing it."


"Extension of the heart... Wear your culture on your sleeve"

Handmade Garments & Adornments

In Africa the custom of gift giving is innate. With each gift we share love and a little bit of ourselves. At ElijahLee, the exchange is no different. Every garment and adornment with its own eccentricities, is made with loving hands. Each piece has its own story to tell and individual style that offers a little something for everyone.

Senegal | Ghana | Mali | Nigeria

All Natural Beauty & Hygiene Products

Our desire is to help you accentuate all that is you. We cultivate each product in our own kitchen, with our own hands using nothing but all organically certified ingredients from all around the world. Natural and organic skincare products with healthy ingredients is what nature intended.  Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It absorbs anything you put on it. Using all natural handmade soaps and skincare  products with wholesome ingredients that offer your body their nutrients will help to enhance your natural glow.  Let us customize your personal body care products to fit your individual need.