About Us

Akwaaba… Welcome to EliJahLee!

At EliJahLee, we are well versed at the art of healing, nurturing and looking good while doing it! Carrying the weight of the world in our wombs and our people on our shoulders we seek to share this art. At EliJahLee® all of our products are Handmade and All Natural  because we believe the gift of  Kuumba,creativity, comes from the Akoma, the heart, and anything that goes on your body should be safe to go in your body! Our nurturing souls and healing hands gifted with Kuumba posses the love and finesse needed to conjure up potions and accessories that will not disappoint. Feel secure knowing that any products you receive from us are safe and ecofriendly. We at EliJahLee® would like to say Medasse, Thank you, for your continued love and support . Peace & Blessings!